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Waterproof Vibrator

Living a single life is a wonderful time of your life. If you have a great job and you are financially stable or you might be fortunate to have your own business. Like they say "Living the American Dream". If you are like me and you fit into his category you might even be fortunate to live in a wonderful area that offers a great weather. This allows you to spend hot days in swimming pools, cooling off the warm lazy afternoons possibly with a cocktail or a icy drink of your choice. Does this sound like you? If so then read on. If not, make some changes.

I love this life and along with it comes an important part that we all enjoy, sex. I date several ladies and have the pleasure of being very open minded with them. We all have a great sex life and really exploring our own sexuality with each other. Now the reason I bring up the swimming pools is that we love to have sex in the pool. Beds are great but they tend to get boring. After all you do spend at least 50 hours a week just sleeping in your bed. So why not try have I sex in a place that you don't spend as much time in like your pool. My girlfriends love to use vibrators on themselves or while we are having sex together. No better place than in a swimming pool. This is when you need a waterproof vibrator. You can submerge it completely for underwater pleasure. This is particularly sensational feeling and offers a whole new type of sexual experience for woman. Apparently being in water makes your skin and sensitive areas feel pleasurably different.

Waterproof vibrators are a great attribute to the evening spa experience. Once again a very different sensation due the water being warm. Waterproof vibrators are an obvious choice for the shower and bath sexual experience too. Being the water people we are and the adventurers looking for some added sexually excitement. We love our waterproof toy vibrators and have them added to our collection of vibrators.







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